If you don’t get your beauty sleep then you know what happens!

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Admin 01-23-2022

Not getting sufficient sleep will make you feel irritable, it means that you will constantly feel tired, and it can also affect your looks. Haven’t we  all experienced seeing puffy eyes the morning after a late-night? Well it has now been scientifically proven that sleep deprivation can have a long-term effect on our physical appearance.

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden decided to investigate how the lack of sleep affects us physically, using five women and five men who agreed to be monitored and photographed during the study. Photographs were taken of each person after a good night’s rest and deep sleep, and then again after being deprived of sleep for over thirty hours, with just five hours of sleep beforehand.

The results were an eye-opener to the forty individuals who rated the photographs with respect to facial cues, fatigue and sadness. The images taken after sleep deprivation revealed swollen and red eyes, dark circles under the eyes and more fine lines and wrinkles than seen on the photographs taken after a good night’s sleep. Additionally, sleep deprivation caused a look of sadness, caused by fatigue.

The ensuing article in the medical journal Sleep revealed that the popular notion of beauty sleep is indeed right, with researchers noting in their findings that sleep deprived people are seen as less attractive and sadder than when they are rested. Research team leader Tina Sundelin also noted that blood flow to the skin is increased dramatically during sleep therefore, lack of proper rest will significantly affect the skin.

A 2010 study published in the British Medical Journal also revealed that people look significantly more attractive after eight hours of sleep, and that sleep deprivation can cause accelerated ageing, dull skin and the possibility of weight increase. It would seem that a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed with a high-quality mattress is the best way to keep looking good!

If you put your mind to it you will realise that in our everyday encounters with colleagues and friends it isn’t difficult to tell who is “burning the candle at both ends” – maybe you should diplomatically point them in the direction of Black Isle Beds and suggest that a new mattress might help.

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